HEAT:  Little to no thermal deformation.
STRESS:  Low elastic coefficient.  No plasticity.  No permanent deformation.
WEAR:  High hardness.  Low coefficient of friction.  Very compatible with metals.
ABRASION:  Difficult to scratch.
OXIDATION:  Impenetrable to rust.
HUMIDITY:  No swelling occurs.
CORROSION:  Excellent chemical resistance.
TOLERANCE:  Precise dimensional control.

This is not your standard pottery ceramics.
One of the few materials having properties of both toughness and hardness.

• Technical ceramic outperforms steel.
• Technical ceramic lasts longer than metal.
• Technical ceramic survives greater extremes of heat, pressure and tonnage.
• Our patented nano technology exponentially increase the life of wearable components.

High wear resistant Ceramic & Cermet materials.
This creates phenomenal properties that increase toughness and wear.
This provides the added leverage to increase capacity and bottom line profit.
See chart illustrating the properties of wear resistant ceramics.

• Optic Smooth Surface finish designed to reduce friction.
• Self Lubrication.
• Insulation.
• Electrically conductive.
• Even magnetic.

We currently provide a huge range of ceramic wear solutions.
We are developing new ceramics in our labs right now.
See chart illustrating the relative cost of each type of ceramic.

INNEX patented brand name for our technical ceramic material.
We use it to create customized tooling products in place of steel and metal(s).
INNEX’s exclusive ceramic technology for tooling is proven to:
          • Increase the life of your components.
          • Save money compared to purchasing disposable replacement parts.
          • Reduce tear down and set up time.
          • Create cost-efficiencies with the ability to do reworks.
          • Enchance productivity by eliminating the need to manufacturer new parts.
          • Reduce waste (eliminate disposal of replacement parts).

Premium material for extra toughness requirements.
A way to personalize/custom blend nano materials to the required part/tool.

Specifically designed by our engineers from powder to parts.
Meets meets CFR 21 of material safety and metal detection requirements.

The perfect material to replace tool or stainless steel in a variety of industries.
          • Made to outlast manufacturing life of tool steel 5 TIMES.
          • Made to outlast manufacturing life of tool stainless steel up to 10 TIMES.
          • Pharamceutical, Food and Beverage, Confectionary and Pet Food.

Give your operation the benefits of:

• A new life span of 4 to 6 to even 10 times longer!
• Zero downtime associated with replacement parts!
• Immediate ROI (Return on Investment)!
• An impressive impact on Price Performance Ratio!
• A Lower overall cost of operation(s)!

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