INNEX INNOVATIVE INDUSTRIES is a premier supplier of Tablet Tooling for the Battery Industry. INNEX Tooling is designed for the most rigorous environments that demand the very best. We offer the finest advanced Ceramic materials in the world. Our Tooling is designed from ultra high wear resistant Ceramics that keep your production line moving safe and efficient with reduced downtime. INNEX produces Dies, Punches, Inserts, Core Rods, Plungers, Valves and Cutting Blades. Some of these items are made of 100% ceramic and others are designed with only the wear portion in Ceramic. Most of our products are designed to be used on the factory floor and then sent back to INNEX to be re-furbished at one of our manufacturing plants. INNEX is known for leading innovation as we work with our customers to design products to keep their battery lines running smooth. We have manufacturing plants in USA, China and India. From these facilities we can provide engineering and sales support as well. Our current Markets are Alkaline and Lithium with a desire to expand in new exciting energy saving markets.  We would be very pleased to hear from you and to invite you to be a new customer in our World Wide INNEX family.

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INNEX Innovative Industries is strategic partners with global customers that are leaders in their industry and that significantly benefit from INNEX tooling. These are relationships that involve working closely with engineering, procurement and operations. We are proud to positively affect their bottom line in a way that is recognized directly by the CEO and senior management.

U.S. Headquarters

INNEX Innovative Industries
6 Marway Drive • Rochester, NY 14624

Phone: 585.247.3575
Fax: 585.247.1903


Manufacturing, design and sales support for all of China. Our focus is on INNOVATION, quality, delivery and the best customer service to ensure you are 100% satisfied. From pressing the ceramic powder to producing high precision ceramic tooling. Our design team can produce samples for you to test. Ceramic is no longer the fragile material associated with the 1970’s but the technology of the future and noted for being a hard, exceptionally smooth surface, and tough. This technology will reduce equipment down time. This goes hand in hand with Asia’s initiative to manufacture efficiently as wages increase and labor markets tighten.

INNEX 中国上海:为中国企业提供制造、设计和销售支持。我们致力于创新、品质、交付和最优质的客户服务,确保为您提供 100% 的满意度。从陶瓷粉末压制到生产高精度陶瓷刀具,我们的设计团队可以为您制作样品用于测试。陶瓷不再是 20 世纪 70 年代那种脆弱的材料,而是成为未来的技术,以质地坚硬、表面光洁顺滑、不易破损而闻名。该技术将会减少设备停机时间。在工资上涨、劳动力市场供不应求的情况下,亚洲对高效制造充满渴望,该技术应运而生。

Shanghai, China

INNEX Innovative Industries
Building 5, 1835 Duhui Road
Minhang District, Shanghai 201108, China

Contact: Xu Sida


Our internal facility provides an excellent location for raw materials, engineering and manufacturing. India’s thriving culture for the desire to work hard, engineer solutions, along with the great pool of skilled labor positions, provides INNEX with great capabilities to help feed our world wide distribution in North America, South America, Asia and Europe.

Mumbai, India

INNEX Innovative Industries Manufacturing

Global Service

INNEX employs sales engineer representatives that service the entire world. If you are located outside the USA and China, please contact INNEX US Headquarters and we will provide you with a local sales engineer that will be pleased to meet with you and discuss how INNEX tooling and materials can improve your plant.


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