Innex Innovative Industries is a premier supplier of tablet tooling for the battery industry. INNEX tooling is designed for the most rigorous environments that demand the very best. We offer the finest advanced ceramic materials in the world. Our tooling is designed from ultra high wear-resistant ceramics that keep your production line moving safe and efficient with reduced downtime.

INNEX produces dies, punches, inserts, core rods, plungers, valves and cutting blades. Some of these items are made of 100% ceramic and others are designed with only the wear portion in ceramic. Most of our products are designed to be used on the factory floor and then sent back to INNEX to be refurbished at one of our manufacturing plants.

INNEX is known for leading innovation as we work with our customers to design products to keep their battery lines running smooth. We have manufacturing plants in USA, China and India. From these facilities we can provide engineering and sales support as well. Our current markets are alkaline and lithium with a desire to expand into new and exciting energy saving markets. We would be very pleased to hear from you and to invite you to be a new customer in our worldwide INNEX family.


We are growing into new industries and regions around the world. We are looking for skilled, experienced workers to join us. Please fill out the form below and upload your resume and cover letter or email us at