Like most material engineers and scientists, you’ve probably dismissed ceramics in the past because you thought ceramic was brittle. But technical ceramics are different from the common ceramics used in pottery, for example. Ceramic is no longer the fragile material associated with the 1970’s but the technology of the future and noted for being a hard, exceptionally smooth surface, and tough. 

The technical family of ceramics is one of the few materials in the world that has properties of both toughness and hardness. We currently provide a huge range of ceramic wear solutions – and we’re developing new ceramics in our labs right now which will be available soon. Common applications include wear resistant components, electronic substrates, spark plug insulators, transparent envelopes for lighting, structural refractories, wear resistant components, ceramic-to-metal seals, cutting tools, abrasives, thermal insulation, catalyst carriers, biomedical implants, and much more. 

For the past 18 years, INNEX has, among many other projects, manufactured parts for the international compaction tooling industry. In our search for harder more durable materials, an intense ceramic research and development program, supported by local universities and ceramic experts, was established. Through this collaboration a unique design, Ceraminator™ evolved which is now a successful part of our US patented product line. Currently, the patented Ceraminator™ line of tools that fight wear is successfully being used in production throughout the battery industry in U.S., European and Asian markets.

The patented Ceraminator™ product line involves a ceramic core rod assembly consisting of a steel housing, a steel mandrel and a ceramic sleeve. The design allows for replacement of the ceramic sleeves and mandrels while reusing the housing. This rework cycle and proprietary high strength ceramic increase tool wear life up to ten times longer by eliminating the need to manufacture entirely new parts; thus resulting in significant cost savings versus continually purchasing disposable replacement parts.

Join the countless companies that have discovered how ceramic technology can improve productivity! Here’s a list of our current products. We have an ever-expanding portfolio of materials and products so if you are interested in something you don’t see on this list, please contact us

  • Core Rods
  • Dies
  • Punches
  • Extrusion Dies
  • Valves
  • Pins
  • Sleeves
  • Compaction Pins
  • Nozzles
  • Tips
  • Plungers
  • Tubes 
  • Ceramic Joints
  • Surgical Blades
  • Screws
  • Piston Rods
  • Taper Pins
  • Electric Components
  • Caps
  • Washer
  • Spaces
  • Inserts
  • Molding Pins
  • Rings
  • Seals
  • Pulleys
  • Rails
  • Eyelets
  • Rollers
  • Fasteners
  • Grippers
  • Wear Plates
  • Liners
  • And much more!

INNEX is a world leader in designing, developing and manufacturing technical ceramic components for the world’s largest pump OEMs to fight abrasion and corrosion under extreme temperatures. With a strong infrastructure that includes technicians, material scientists and engineers, we are a total solutions provider with full powder to precision parts capabilities and we are committed to superior customer service.

The INNEX-90 Promise commits us to helping our customers transform their abrasion needs into manufacturable solutions within 90 days from the day we receive an inquiry. 


Ceraminator™ is the brand name of our patented technical ceramic material. We use it to create customized tooling products that when used in place of metal and steel will increase your productivity and profits.

LONG WEAR LIFE – High hardness and low coefficient of friction makes it last 2-3 times longer than aluminum and zirconia dies. Shock absorbing.

HIGH EFFICIENCY – Operates with little maintenance. Insulation and self-lubrication.

LIGHTWEIGHT – Significantly more lightweight than competing dies making them.

STRESS RESISTANT – Excellent chemical resistance. Survives greater extremes of heat, pressure, and tonnage. Low elastic coefficient with no permanent deformation.

DISTINGUISHABLE – Available in steel and plastic jackets in various colors.

COST EFFECTIVE – Less expensive than competing dies.

ZERO OXIDATION – Impenetrable to rust.

Our goal is to reduce our customers’ production down-time for resets, resulting in bottom line cost savings that our competitors cannot match. We want to keep your business up and running 24/7. Our expertise in powder pressing and performance will allow us to troubleshoot and determine a strategic solution for your needs.

Tableting markets we can service include soap and detergents, battery, sanitizing chemicals, chlorine chemicals, and bath and bowl chemicals. Wear components include compaction dies, punches, core rods, specialty stamping punches and dies, coatings, carbide tipped upper and lower punches, and carbide lined dies. Types of materials include but are not limited to patented ceramics, zirconias and aluminas tool steel. 

Exclusive, Technical Ceramic Core Rod Assembly

Ceraminator™ is based on an exclusive, technical ceramic core rod assembly that consists of a steel housing, steel mandrel, and ceramic sleeve. The design makes it easy to replace the ceramic sleeves and mandrels and still reuse the housing creating a cost-effective rework cycle that eliminates the need to manufacture entirely new parts.

Together, our unique rework cycle and proprietary high strength ceramic increases tool wear life four, six, even ten times and leads to significant cost savings when compared to continually purchasing disposable replacement parts.

INNEX’s exclusive ceramic tooling technology is proven to:

✓ Increase the life of components exponentially 

✓ Save money on purchasing disposable replacement parts

✓ Improve efficiency by reducing tear down and setup time

✓ Create cost-efficiency with the ability to do reworks

✓ Enhance productivity by eliminating the need to manufacture new parts

✓ Reduce waste from continually disposing replacement parts

✓ Deliver immediate ROI, impressive Price Performance Ratio and lower operation costs

Contact our engineering team at to let us find the right solution and application for you.

We Sell Solutions

INNEX doesn’t just sell materials – we sell solutions. When you work with INNEX Innovative Industries, you work with the best ceramics experts in the world. Our team doesn’t want to just build you a part and be done with it. We want to learn your business inside and out so we can design processes and materials that will reduce your operating costs long into the future.

Our services:

✓ We can design and produce a single custom ceramic product or a complete custom tooling system using INNEX’s portfolio of patented ceramic powders. 

✓ Our in-house research and development technology center and engineering staff is constantly working on new material and product development. 

✓ We utilize XRD, CAD/CAM Unigraphics, NX4, SmartCam, Mazacam and other imaging to understand material content with precision and accuracy. We are capable of creating 3D solid modeling and design for documentation assemblies. 

✓ We utilize lean manufacturing processes and automation techniques to ensure low cost production for the company and the customer. We also utilize an ISO 9001:2008 quality management system. 

✓ Our fully integrated ceramic facility and machine shop allows us to produce rapid prototypes and large production orders that meet all requirements. Machining, heat-treating, finish grinding and assembly of tool steel components with specialized coatings can all be done in-house. 

✓ Our warm and knowledgeable customer service welcomes new partnerships and opportunities.

Innex Innovative Industries is seeking partnership opportunities to establish licensed distributors that have dominant distribution channels within specific markets. Potential partners will possess manufacturing capabilities to fabricate and implement the ceramic replacement parts to service markets across the globe.

“We are very excited here at INNEX to have the opportunity to introduce you to our innovative materials and unique processing capabilities. Please give us the opportunity to utilize our portfolio of materials and our talented engineers to develop the perfect product for you. We have a solid customer service department full of dedicated professionals that truly enjoy working with customers. I welcome you to read on and I sincerely hope if you are not a customer that you strongly consider becoming one soon.”

Thomas Blaszczykiewicz, President and CEO. Blue Sky Vision Partners.

INNEX brings our services and nano technological solutions to engineers at manufacturing plants in industries all over the world. INNEX delivers indestructible precision tooling globally in real time collaboration.

We have manufacturing plants in the USA, China and India. From these facilities we can provide engineering and sales support as well. Our current markets are alkaline and lithium with a desire to expand into new and exciting energy saving markets. We would be very pleased to hear from you and to invite you to be a new customer in our worldwide INNEX family.

U.S. Headquarters

INNEX Innovative Industries is strategic partners with global customers that are leaders in their industry. They significantly benefit from INNEX tooling. These are relationships that involve working closely with engineering, procurement and operations. We are proud to positively affect their bottom line in a way that is recognized directly by the CEO and senior management.

Shanghai, China

Manufacturing, design and sales support for all of China is available through INNEX’s Shanghai location. Our focus is on innovation, quality, delivery and the best customer service to ensure you are 100% satisfied. From pressing the ceramic powder to producing high precision ceramic tooling. Our design team can produce samples for you to test.

Mumbai, India

Our internal Mumbai facility provides an excellent location for raw materials, engineering and manufacturing. India’s thriving culture for the desire to work hard, engineer solutions, along with the great pool of skilled labor positions, provides INNEX with great capabilities to help feed our worldwide distribution in North America, South America, Asia and Europe.

INNEX employs sales engineer representatives that service the entire world. If you are located outside the USA and China, please contact INNEX US Headquarters and we will provide you with a local sales engineer that will be pleased to meet with you and discuss how INNEX tooling and materials can improve your plant.

At INNEX, we brainstorm for you!

We have it all, from powder to precision parts. INNEX can provide all the cutting edge advantages to provide indestructible tooling systems targeted for 24/7 usage. Let us know what you need and our team will recommend a material or product that we currently have available, or work to design a specific material and system that meets your needs.

We are constantly developing new and exciting applications such as orthopedic bio-magnetic ceramic, dental pain management, physical therapy and medical diagnosis and treatment. Our technologies and material designs position INNEX as a technology developer and leader in the medical and industrial markets. 

Medical Grade Orthopedic Ceramic Technology

INNEX Innovative Industries has developed the most advanced orthopedic ceramic that features magnetic therapeutic capabilities. Its magnetic therapeutic material stimulates bone growth at an accelerated rate and is safe for the body. INNEX has I.P. on this portfolio of products and will soon be looking for the ideal orthopedic and medical partner to help integrate our advanced materials into the medical industry.

Pharmaceutical Grade Ceramic Technology

We have developed the first and only FDA compliant ceramic for pharmaceutical grade operations. We’ve built a variety of patents around pharmaceutical material and tooling. This material has revolutionizing potential. It can be easily machined with electric discharge machining (EDM). This means the material can be cut with high precision and with intricate shapes effortlessly to accommodate any client’s tooling needs. 

Ceramic Magnetic Shielding

INNEX has developed a very interesting portfolio of advanced ceramic that offers high wear and corrosion resistance, low friction, great toughness, and the ability to shield magnetic energy to further electronic performance. We are looking for partners in the automotive, electric vehicle market, military, medical devices, medical imaging, and electronics markets to take our technologies to the next level together.

Seeking Partnerships

INNEX will be looking for niche companies to acquire that can add to our current in-house manufacturing capabilities and product offerings. We will also continue to increase our supply chain and identify the world’s best suppliers of components. We work with businesses in the following industries: battery, pharmaceutical, pump and metering, energy storage, oil/gas, marine, aerospace, industrial, beverage and more. Please contact us for more information.

Innex Innovative Industries

Phone: 585.247.3575

Why Choose Ceramics Instead of Steel?

Give your operation the benefits of a new life span of 4 to 6, to even 10 times longer. Your operation could have zero downtime associated with replacement parts, earn immediate ROI (return on investment), see an impressive impact on price performance ratio, and lower overall cost of operations.

Technical ceramics are not your standard pottery ceramics. Our ceramics are one of the few materials in the world having such a high level of both toughness and hardness. Technical ceramics outperform steel, last longer than metal, and survive greater extremes of heat, pressure and tonnage.

We offer high wear resistant ceramic and cermet materials. They have phenomenal properties with increased toughness and wear. This provides the added leverage to increase capacity and bottom line profit. Our nano ceramics have an optic smooth surface finish designed to reduce friction, improve self lubrication, increase insulation, and are electrically conductive and even magnetic.

Benefits of Ceramic Technology

  • 4-5x wear life of steel punches and dies
  • Drastically reduces powder sticking to tip and barrel
  • Material technology reduces need to add lubrication
  • Shut down for maintenance is far less
  • Reduces the risk of metal toxicity
  • Meets CFR 21 and leach test, metal detectable
  • Material density slows bacteria growth
  • Green and environmentally friendly

INNEX has an ever-expanding portfolio of solutions for a growing list of industries around the world. Experts in all aspects of tooling, INNEX invests significant time and effort every year developing products that separate us from the competition. 

Battery Unit

With worldwide distribution capabilities, we currently have global customers in the US, Asia, Europe and South America consisting of some of the largest battery brands. We have a portfolio of Ceraminator™ material and custom blended Ceraminator Plus™ material. Compared to traditional steel parts, our ceramic parts are stronger, have greater wear resistance and are cost-effective. Its lightweight material makes it less expensive in price and freight. Ceramic dies with color-coded plastic jackets provide many advantages for battery manufacturing.

Pharmaceutical Unit

INNEX’s ceramic technologies are the only ceramics in the world to meet FDA compliance CFR 21 and withstand the high demand in a pharmaceutical production environment. Our metal detectable ceramic will keep running long past old steel and will not clog or still, commonly known as picking and sticking. Your production equipment will keep running and throughput and capacity will increase significantly. This material is extremely hard with a smooth surface. It feels and performs as if self-lubricated.

Pump & Metering Unit

Replacement parts can be very expensive. INNEX can save you significant money. We produce parts for the largest battery companies of the world at a fraction of the cost. We can produce any size or shape for pumping equipment replacement parts. Ask about our portfolio of custom blended Ceraminator Plus™ powders that feature extremely hard and smooth self-lubricating surfaces. We have full metal machining and heat treating, plastics integration assemblies to reduce weight and cost and corrosion, vast knowledge of  all aspects of the pump industry and its components, and lastly, worldwide distribution.

Our extensive portfolio of materials and designs increase throughput and reduce cost that significantly improve the bottom line for our customers. INNEX supplies a full line of top-performing ceramics, metals, plastics, cermets and composites.


CEREEL’s powder to precision technology combines the perfect combination of extreme metal detection, toughness and hardness that will revolutionize replacement parts in the industrial, pharmaceutical, and beverage markets. With a wear-life of up to four to five times that of stainless steel, maintenance costs are reduced and manufacturing productivity is increased. 


CEREEL Plus possesses the same qualities as CEREEL, with the addition of high precision Electric Discharge Machining (EDM) capabilities. CEREEL Plus is exclusively available through INNEX Innovative Industries, and not commercially available by any other known manufacturers throughout the world. 


POLY-CEREEL is the first patented product designed to serve the pharmaceutical industry utilizing detectable plastic and detectable ceramic materials. POLY-CEREEL utilizes a metal-detectable plastic liner, that encases ceramic material (CEREEL). This technology allows for metal detection and identification of contaminants during pharmaceutical and food grade processing. 


Ceraminator™ is INNEX’s patented brand name for our technical ceramic material. We use it to create customized tooling products in place of steel and metals. INNEX’s exclusive ceramic technology for tooling is proven to: increase the life of your components, save money compared to purchasing disposable replacement parts, reduce tear down and setup time, create cost-efficiencies with the ability to do reworks, enhance productivity by eliminating the need to manufacturer new parts, and reduce waste (eliminate disposal of replacement parts).

Ceraminator Plus™

Ceraminator Plus™ is INNEX’s premium material for extra toughness requirements. It is used as a way to personalize custom blended nano materials to meet the unique tooling requirements of the client. 

Cereel Twenty One™

Cereel Twenty One™ is specifically designed by our engineers from powder to parts. It meets CFR 21 of material safety and metal detection requirements. It is the perfect material to replace stainless steel tooling in a variety of industries. Cereel Twenty One™ is made to outlast the manufacturing life of steel parts by 5 times and stainless steel parts by up to 10 times. It is perfect for the pharmaceutical, food and beverage, confectionary and pet food manufacturing industries.

For more than 20 years, INNEX has been revolutionizing the use of nano ceramic technology for longer lasting tooling components and a more efficient tooling process. Our full vertical integration is designed to provide low cost, quick turnaround innovation to save time and money.

INNEX focuses on cost-cutting ceramic solutions. At INNEX you work with the best technical ceramics experts in the world. We listen to what you need and leverage our technology and creativity. INNEX has in-house development and testing capabilities. Give us your ideas or samples and we will engineer a customized ceramic design that will exceed your expectations and significantly lower your operating cost. 

We are excited to work with companies and transform their steel or antiquated designs to our ceramic systems. Our designs will reduce operation costs for many years to come. Our goal is to provide you tooling or parts that keep your production line or equipment running 24/7. Let our company’s technology platform maximize your company’s offerings and efficiencies. 

INNEX has built a portfolio of ceramic materials and designs that will transform the battery, industrial pump, pharmaceutical, food and confectionary industries. These high performing metal detectable ceramics will increase production and lower operating cost for major suppliers around the world. Our EDM ceramic will revolutionize the way ceramics are machined and open ceramic up to new, exciting industries.

INNEX Innovative Industries is a division of Blue Sky Vision Partners, a positive-approach advisory firm that identifies a company’s strengths and market opportunities with a focus on driving innovation and profitability. Blue Sky focuses on companies that desire to be dynamic and have high potential growth. Please get in touch to discuss potential opportunities for business partnerships. 

Innex Innovative Industries has developed a very interesting portfolio of advanced ceramic that offers high wear and corrosion resistance, low friction, great toughness, and the ability to shield magnetic energy to further electronic performance. We are looking for partners in the automotive, electric vehicle market, military, medical devices, medical imaging, and electronics markets. 

Blue Sky Vision Partners’ company Innex Innovative Industries has developed the ultimate orthopedic material for medical and orthopedic applications. Our technology is safe for the body, made of almost frictionless materials, and offers high toughness, wear-resistance and low friction. The material has revolutionizing potential. It can be easily machined with electric discharge machining (EDM). This means the material can be cut with high precision and with intricate shapes effortlessly. The material can also be tuned to provide magnetic therapy for applications where bone growth requires magnetic stimulation. Innex has I.P. on this portfolio of product and will soon be looking for the ideal orthopedic and medical partner to help integrate our advanced materials into the medical industry. 

INNEX Innovative Industries has developed the most advanced orthopedic ceramic that features magnetic therapeutic capabilities. Its magnetic therapeutic material stimulates bone growth at an accelerated rate. Blue Sky Vision Partners is currently seeking medical or orthopedic partners to take this technology to the next level with us. Please contact us for more information.