For more than 20 years, Innex has been revolutionizing the use of Nano ceramic technology for longer lasting tooling components and a more efficient tooling process. Our full vertical integration is designed to provide low cost, quick turnaround innovation to save you time and money.  We are excited to work with companies and transform them to our ceramic systems. Our goal is to provide you tooling or parts that keep your production line or equipment running 24-7 and save you money.

Give us your ideas or samples and we will engineer a customized ceramic design that will exceed your expectations and significantly lower your operating cost.

In House Material Portfolio
In-house Material Development
In house Product Design
In-house testing and simulating labs.

INNEX sells solutions.

• At INNEX you work with the best technical ceramics experts in the world.
• We listen to what you need and leverage our technology and creativity.
• Our designs will reduce operation costs for many years to come.
You will be very pleased with our customer appreciation and service and will be back to convert more of your steel or antiquated designs to our ceramic systems.   


  • Warm customer service welcoming new opportunities
  • Ability to produce large production orders
  • Interface with customer on design concept.  
  • Full ceramic Powder Design to full tooling system
  •  Test designs with in house ASTM or other to simulate products environment
  •  Utilize XRD and other imaging to understand content of material and phase.  
  • Finalize and produce finished drawing with all specifications
  • Utilize lean manufacturing processes to insure low cost production
  • Produce excellent production quality parts
  • Follow up with customer on performance of the product in the field
  • Make any adjustments or tweaks.  

• Rapid computer simulation technology.
• Visualize the requirements of your application.
• Recommend the most cost effective solution.

• 48 hour sample turn around.
• Contact us to request a prototype today.

The Blaszczykiewicz Foundation
We are committed to raising funds to support need-based, deserving initiatives related to the diagnosis
and treatment of neurological disorders in patients from around the Western New York region.

• Helped purchase 3 Tesla MRI scanners housed at Dent Neuroimaging Research Center (DNRC).
• Development of a Center of Excellence to network national training sites of the American Society of Neuroimaging, and be the “flagship” center within the US.
• Continue to raise funds and increase the quality of life for patients by assisting them and their families with treatment costs and other financial struggles as a result of their illness.

• Mountain Climbs
Rainier, Kilimanjaro and 48 Adirondack peaks.
• Golf Outings

Innex Innovative Industries
Innex Innovative Industries