Putting INNEX To Work For You

We are very excited here at INNEX to have the opportunity to introduce you to our INNOVATIVE materials and unique processing capabilities. Please give us the opportunity to utilize our portfolio of materials, our talented engineers to develop the perfect product for you. We have a solid customer service department full of dedicated professionals that truly enjoy working with customers. I welcome you to read on, and I sincerely hope, if you are not a customer that you strongly consider becoming one soon.

Thomas Blaszczykiewicz, President and CEO. Blue Sky Vision Partners.

Innex 24 x 7
Innex 24 x 7

Innovative Precision Tooling

We have it all, from powder to precision part.  INNEX can provide all the cutting edge advantages to provide indestructible tooling systems targeted for 24×7 usage.  Let us know what you need and our team will recommend a material or product that we currently have available, or work to design a specific material and system that meets your needs.

At INNEX we brainstorm for you!